Our Mission, Vision and Values

The name A Propósito (on Purpose) Internacional very much captures the vision, mission and values of the company.  More expressly, these would incorporate the following:



To create and sustain valuable relationships in the local and international environments.

By valuable we mean:
• Valued and respected by both parties, with both parties working actively to sustain and develop the relationship.
• Contribute to the development of both parties in terms of their respective capabilities.
• Contribute to the revenue growth and profitability of both parties.
• Remain dynamic and developmental however long they exist for.

This will be achieved through:
• A commitment to and focus on continual learning, ensuring that there is always something new to bring to the relationship
• Taking a genuine and deep interest in the aspirations of individuals, teams and organisations.
• Paying close attention; to communication; to quality; to details.
• Understanding both parties businesses in terms of both mission, values, activities, products and services as well as how revenues and profits are generated.


To support organisations, teams and individuals in finding, clarifying and following their purpose.  In doing so to help create a sense of personal and collective alignment which releases the inherent talent and energy within and in turn makes excellence the norm and the extraordinary very achievable.


In working towards achieving this mission the company will at all times strive to work in accordance with these values and will monitor itself against them:

• Integrity. Having integrity at all times in the intention of actions. Being open to recognize when intention and action have not been aligned. To communicate openly, clearly, honestly and with consideration for others.
• Learning. To expect always to learn and to view all experiences as a source of learning. To innovate and experiment in pursuit of greater understanding.
• Fun. To be committed to enjoying the experience and to making it enjoyable for others.
• Contribution. To recognize the importance of contributing to communities of which we are a part, whether the learning community or the physical community.
• Inspiration. To aim to inspire in all that we do, to create shifts, momentum, moments in time that inspire people individually and collectively to make changes that enable them to shine.