For Your Consultancy

You have just agreed a great programme to be rolled out with a client and suddenly you need high quality delivery of leadership or performance programmes across the globe in multiple European languages. Understandably you do not have that resource on your permanent staff and, what is more, you need to be putting some quality time in with the client to make sure that you are really meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations.

At A Propósito, we have been involved in roll-out programmes of this kind for the last decade and work with a network of other European providers to be able to quickly provide you with high-quality, multi-lingual delivery. As a network we only work with people whom we rate and trust.

We can provide, deliver, resource, organise and run Train the Trainer to ensure quality and consistency, as well as having design capability if you require the outcomes that you have agreed with your client turning into deliverable, scalable programmes.